Big Brew encourages open conversations about mental health

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Big Brew invites businesses and residents across Sefton to come together for a cuppa to help tackle the stigma of suicide.

The Mersey Care Big Brew campaign by Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust wants to shatter the stigma by getting more people talking about suicide, sharing thoughts and offering support.

You can support this campaign by getting together with friends, family and colleagues over a cuppa and explain that issues with mental health can affect anyone, and that there are many services out there that can offer help and support.

To those who may be dealing with suicidal thoughts, a cup of tea can be a lifeline. The Big Brew aims to raise awareness by educating everyone about the part they can play in suicide prevention.

Research shows that talking can be the first step to getting back on track and bringing people together over a cuppa can be just the excuse they need to begin to open up.

If you have family, friends or colleagues who you think may be suffering in silence, why not invite them for a brew. It’s a great way to reach out to them.

If you belong to a community group, or host a regular coffee morning, why not dedicate your next meet-up to ‘The Big Brew’ campaign? Remember, the more we spread the message and bring suicide out into the open, the more understanding and awareness there will be of mental health issues and the closer we’ll be to making suicide a thing of the past. That way you’ll be doing your bit to help tackle the stigma associated with mental illness.

If you’re thinking about holding a Big Brew there is lots of information about what you can do to get involved on Mersey Care's website.

Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year. In England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week.

The overall number of people with mental health problems has not changed significantly in recent years, but worries about things like money, jobs and benefits can make it harder for people to cope. In Sefton there many activities and services that happen in the community every week, that you might not even know about, which could improve your mental health and help make life a little easier.

So, from World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September) to World Mental Health Day (10th October) we are going to spread the word about local services and activities available to people in Sefton. Look out for the hashtag #SeftonInMind and join in by telling us about good local services and activities that have helped you.