Commissioning and IVF policies

Date exercise ended - Monday, April 7, 2014

We asked for views about our updated commissioning policy from 6 January to 7 April 2014.

It followed a joint review with CCGs across Cheshire and Merseyside of this policy, which covers around 90 procedures that are known to have a medical benefit only in very specific situations, or for a small group of people - sometimes known as 'procedures of lower clinical priority'. 

As a result of the review, the policy was updated to reflect the latest evidence about the effectiveness of different treatments and some new services and procedures were introduced. This review also included our IVF policy.  

Carrying out regular reviews of policies like this helps us to ensure we reflect any advances in science and to take account of the latest medical innovations in drugs, treatments and technology. At the same time it helps to assure us that the treatments and services we commission offer the best value and effectiveness to as many of our patients as possible.

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See our updated commissioning and IVF policies 


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