CCG announces new NHS community services provider

Thursday, December 24, 2020

NHS Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has announced that from May 2021, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust will be the new provider of community health services for its residents following a rigorous re-procurement process.

Community health services is the collective name for a wide range of care, including blood testing, district nursing, falls prevention and diabetes care and education.

Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust (LSCft), in line with its strategic direction to provide local services to Lancashire and South Cumbria residents did not bid to continue to provide community services.

Dr Rob Caudwell, chair of NHS Southport and Formby CCG, said: “Community services are often the most commonly used healthcare that our residents will come into contact with after their GP, which is why this process has been so important in helping us select the right organisation to manage these services in the future.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the continued hard work of all those staff who currently provide our community health services as part of Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust, particularly during this challenging time as we all respond to the coronavirus pandemic.”

Rob added: “Over the coming months Mersey Care will be working with LSCft to ensure that when it takes over in May 2021, it’s as smooth and seamless a transfer as possible for patients and community service staff alike.

“This is about a change in who manages these services, not about direct care, so patients should not notice any difference to the community services they use, or to the staff who provide them on 1 May 2021.”

Across the NHS, commissioners have contracts with organisations like community health trusts and hospitals, which set out standards for the services they provide. Commissioners also have a legal duty to carry out re-procurement exercises for these contracts from time to time. This importantly ensures that healthcare constantly meets expected levels of quality and that it continues to represent best value.

Joe Rafferty, Chief Executive of Mersey Care, said: “We’re delighted to have been awarded this contract and we believe we can build on the fantastic skills and expertise of colleagues from LSCft.

“We want to work together to achieve our ambition of providing world class care as close to home as possible. Mersey Care has a long tradition of community services in Sefton and Liverpool and I’m sure we can continue to provide high class care for everyone we serve during some of the most challenging times ever known within the NHS.”

It announcement also means that from 1 May 2021 there will be a single provider of community health services across the whole of Sefton. Mersey Care currently provides these services for NHS South Sefton CCG.

Rob added: “We know from speaking to residents that they want as much of their care provided as close to home as possible in the community  so they only have to go to hospital when they really to and for all the services they use to work better together.

“Our Sefton2gether strategy has been informed by these views and over time our new provider will be working towards this vision for future health and care, where services are more joined up and therefore more effective in meeting the needs of our patients.” 

You can also read more about Sefton2gether from the CCG’s website .