Supporting you to get involved and learn more

There are a number of different ways that we support you to get involved in our work, from making our events, meetings and activities as accessible as possible, to providing any training you may need if you volunteer to be part of one of our working groups or programmes. Our volunteer policy and reasonable adjustment guide explain how we do this in more detail. 

Our staff have a range of tools and support available to them to ensure they involve you in their work - particularly when they are developing or planning changes to the services we commission - including our reasonable adjustment and accessibility guidance. Our framework for involvement helps all of us in the CCG to do this. We also get involved in local and national training opportunities that also supports us in best practice approaches to public engagement and consultation.

We also encourage you to consider some of the following ways to help you get involved in your local NHS.  

Receive regular updates and information from us

Join our mailing list and receive regular information about local and national engagement and training opportunities. You can see examples of the types of information you would receive if you sign up to our mailing list by clicking here

Follow us on Twitter for daily updates on our work, your local services and useful health advice and information. 

Become a Patient Participation Group member

Join your patient participation group (PPG) at your GP practice. A patient participation group (PPG) is a group of patients with an interest in health and healthcare issues, who want to get involved with and support the running of their local GP practice and learn more about local healthcare. Find out more here. 

Become a Healthwatch member or Community Champion

Healthwatch Sefton provides a variety of opportunities for local people to get involved in helping to shape the development and delivery of these services in Sefton. To find out more click here

Become a Sefton CVS volunteer

Sefton CVS supports a wide range of local groups and organisations many of which welcome help and support from local people. If you have a particular interest or skill and would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities, visit Sefton CVS’s volunteer centre.

Become an NHS foundation trust member

Local NHS foundation trust organisations who provide healthcare services - such as hospitals and community services - invite people with an interest in healthcare to join their membership schemes. As a member you can learn more about what these organisations do and get more involved in their work if you wish. The following local NHS organisations have a membership scheme. To find out more about joining these schemes and the benefits, click on the links below:

NHS Aintree University Hospital Foundation Trust

NHS Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust

Join NHS England’s involvement hub

NHS England provides lots of useful information on how to get involved and what to consider. You can also subscribe to their enewsletter, In Touch, which will give you updates on opportunities to get involved and details of events and workshops. Training is also available if you want to learn more about the NHS and to support you to get more actively involved locally or nationally. To find out more about these opportunities, please click here