Mini Chats

These are more focused events that give people the chance to hear about our emerging health and transformational programmes and give their ideas about how they could be further shaped.

Shaping our 5 year strategy 

We held a series of Mini Chats during early to mid 2014 to help finalise our 5 year strategy for improving health services.  

People could drop in to the Mini Chats to speak directly with our programme leads.   

Our team also went out to a number of different community meetings to gain people's views and experiences.

In addition, Healthwatch Sefton carried out a series of Community Chats on our behalf to give even more people the chance to contribute to our 5 year strategy. 

We held more Mini Chats after we had completed our 5 year strategy, so people could hear about how their views had contributed to our vision for future services. 

You can read an overview of the Mini Chats and the Community Chats in our summary report.  



Visit the ‘How we use your views’ section for examples of where your feedback has informed our work, plans and strategies.