Take the ‘CAN DO’ Challenge for Men’s Health Week

Thursday, June 17, 2021

This Men’s Health Week (14-20 June), we are encouraging everyone in Sefton to try taking the ‘CAN DO’ Challenge.

Taking on the challenge is an easy way to help boost your emotional wellbeing, while raising awareness of this year’s Men’s Health Week theme – ‘mental health in a covid world’.

It can be completed by anyone of any gender or age, and involves taking part in simple activities based around the ‘five ways to wellbeing’, which are five proven mood-boosters that make a big difference to people’s sense of wellbeing.

Sefton residents are encouraged to try a different activity during each day of Men's Health Week, in order to complete the challenge. The five ‘CAN DO’ Challenge activities are:

  1. Connect - connect with other people (e.g. call an old friend, join a club or group)
  2. Active - move your body (e.g. go for a run or walk, take the stairs instead of the lift)
  3. Notice – be present and take notice of the environment around you (e.g. turn off your phone, take a new route on a familiar journey)
  4. Discover - learn something new (e.g. read a new book, learn some new practical skills)
  5. Offer (or give) - do something for someone else (e.g. volunteer for a local community group, do a favour for a neighbour or friend)

Gordon Jones, mental health programme manager at NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Southport and Formby CCG, has been trying out some of the activities this week and said: “The five ways to wellbeing are so simple but can really make a difference to our mood. I’ve been taking on some of the ‘CAN DO’ Challenge activities, especially getting active by doing a lot more walking than I have done previously, which has really given me a mental boost.  So I would definitely recommend trying the challenge for yourself.”

“Poor mental health and wellbeing is something that we all might have suffered with over the last year during the pandemic, but it’s never too late to seek help if you need it and there are lots of services available in Sefton, for both men and women, as well as children and young people.”

“Men’s Health Week is a really good opportunity as men to take stock of our mental health and wellbeing, as well as becoming more aware of health issues that affect men disproportionately. Don’t hesitate to contact your GP about any health concerns, they are here to help.”

Men’s Health Week is an annual event to raise awareness of health issues that affect men disproportionately. The focus for 2021 is ‘Mental Health in a Covid World’.

To find out more about the annual event, visit the Men’s Health Forum website here: www.menshealthforum.org.uk/mhw

Anyone taking part in the ‘CAN DO’ challenge can share their activities and stories on social media using the #MensHealthWeek hashtag and the five activity hashtags during the week: #ConnectMonday, #ActiveTuesday, #NoticeWednesday, #DiscoverThursday, and #OfferFriday.

For links to mental health services in Sefton for adults, click here.

For links to mental health services in Sefton for children and young people click here.